Wednesday, May 2, 2012

JOIN THE HUNT GROUP FOR HUNTERS AND VENDORS!  The group can be found under search as Red Angel Hunts, or copy and paste the following link into local chat, click, and join!


Applications are now closed for the It's Your Cuppa Hunt!  We have met our store cap, however, if any vendor would be interested in being a backup store in the event a store backs out of the hunt, please contact Gina Redangel via notecard inworld.  List your full SL name, store name, and store slurl.  And please keep an eye out for our next hunt, Punk Your World!

Since we are no longer accepting hunt applications, I will put the store list in the order of the hunt.  Please remember to send in your hints as soon as as you are able to!  The deadline for hints is still June 5th, ten days before the hunt starts.  I will remind you periodically for these until this date.  

Thank you everyone! ♥