Store Order and Hints

This is the completed store order. We have 11 sponsors that fill the spots after starting location. 

1. .::Redangels::. - I love coffee with my Churros! <-starting location


3. Wyldflower - Is that coffee I see?  Oh rats!  Its just tea.

4. Kabuki Creations - Feels comfy sitting on after a long day (lower ground only)

5. elephante poses - Part of Me thinks it's just a girl standing in between

6. Black Tulip -That's a curious way to heat up a cup

7. Troofy -Send me a sign

8. BagLady Design - Follow the pink arrows to the hunters deck

9. PK Private Collection - Musical Notes

10. CHICA BOOM - Some of the best coffee is in Londons East End

11. SFW Industries - When I'm working here, time passes so quickly...

12. Creations Kitchen - I hope the "Daily Deals" don't slow you down!  (After teleporting to Location 2)

13. *Lurve* - Jammies, teddy bears and coffee. Is there anything better?

14. Visions Gallery - Main Shop, First Floor, Very Near, Golden Koi.

15. Shabby Shack - Sailing away with a hot cup of coffee - how nice!

16. PePU - ask the hint pan

17. Lyrieal's Boutiue - Chocolate or caramel?

18. Jerica Blaisdale Photography -Coffee for you, and coffee for me...but yours has a surprise, yippee!

19. Cortes'n'Rossini - Ask a Bottle about your Fortune

20. Grumble - Coffee and boots, 2 of my favorite things!

21. dirty.little.secret - Have your cuppa with a beautiful cherub.

22. .::WetCat:: Builds&Poses - "Hot Drinks Must Come with Cake"

23. .::Banilacoco skin::. - in the pocket

24.Off the Wall - I'm hoping that a cold sweet treat will fall and fill me up.

25. Storaxtree - these mugs are microwave safe!

26. Aubin x Chimo - keeps your feet warm

27. *KingPin* Fashions - Its Moorning Time

28. Embody - Please click the hint giver sign at the main entrance for a current hunt hint!

29. Sweettooth Clothing - What a strange place for this to be, careful now, one false move and spilling all over the floor it will be!

30. Dolome Designs - Ok Im all warm - at least im not frozen

31. GALLERIA Designs - Steam from my coffee is blurring my new shades

32GUHL - Adult - Have a look on the floor ..... it's inside the store area

33. Bound & Bitten - Adult - Hint giver at store

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